Common troubles of plastic extrusion blow moulding machine and how to exclude

Date: 11th Jun, 2017

plastic extrusion blow moulding machine using different molding methods, machine manufacturers are different, the failure is also different. Based on our Silver Python Machinery ‘s experience, the following lists are common troubles ,the causes and remedies for plastic extrusion blow molding machine.

Common trouble 1
The extruder stops running
Cause 1
1. Melt viscosity, extruder overload.
2. A section of the heater failure
3. Machine head screen block
4. Materials mixed with metal and stone

Solution 1
1. increase the heating temperature
2. Check the heater and replace the heating coil
3. Clean the head screen
4. Remove the screw, clean the stone, and install the magnetic detecting

Common trouble 2
The head connection is broken
1. The extruder operate under to the not-set temperature
2. The head is clogged
3. The extruder is not equipped with a safety explosion-proof device
Solution 2
1 to strengthen the discipline of the process, the implementation of operating procedures
2. Remove the head screen impurities, to increase the heating temperature appropriately
3. Install safety explosion-proof device

Common trouble 3
Mold damage caused by mold closing
Cause 3
1. The mold guide pin is loose, damaged or improperly set
2. Mould fastening screws loose or lost, mold dislocation leads to damage of blade and insert
3. When the mold is closed, the cavity insert falls and damage the mold
4. Bottom blowing (top blowing) device positioning is not allowed, or when the formation of loose due to loose
5. The lift (descent) speed of the bottom blow (top blow) device is not synchronized with the closing speed
Solution 3
1. Repair, replace the guide column, guide the number of less than three, should stop production
2. Always tighten the mold tightening bolts and replace the damaged bolts in time
3. Check the placement of the insert, the use of qualified inserts, molding should be firmly and accurately insert the insert
4. Correct the misalignment of the device and always check that the device is centered and dislocated
5. Check the control system to adjust the start time of the bottom blow (top blow) device to lift or descend, and enable the low speed closed mold before closing the mold

Common trouble 4
Storage tank leaking material
Cause 4
1. The cylinder is not tightened
2. Storage tank piston seal loss
3. Storage tank for a long time heating
Solution 4
1. Tighten the accumulator cylinder
2. Remove the flash and replace the wear ring
3. Suspension of production, should be appropriate to reduce the storage tank heating temperature.

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