How to crush and wash recycle plastic

Date: 25th Nov, 2015

For plastic washing line, after sorting recycled plastic, plastic material will be put into plastic crushing machine to crush and wash. Usually use plastic crushing machine inside with washing function. Fix a stand with height of 150cm by the side of plastic crusher machine, and barrel fill with Alkali detergent will put on the top of stand. use pipe with flow control to lead alkali detergent into plastic crushing machine。So during crushing process, Alkali detergent and recycle plastic are kneading the same time, it need add a pipe to lead clean water. Then crushed plastic will go into water pool with size of 8×1.2×1 the bottom of pool, there is sewage the top of pool there are 4 sets of flow guide device that guide crushed flakes into pool, when water from pipe is spraying to crushed plastic, it will form an orient flowing. Fix a auto loader in another side of pool, then crushed plastic from orient flowing is being sent to processing place through auto loader.

The high efficient plastic crushing and washing process is so easy.

Below are the conversations about consulting plastic crush washing machine.

Hello, silver python. I am freshman. Can u tell me where I can buy plastic washing line? Does this machine own a detailed drawing, including auto loader or auto loader in stock. Thanks for replying me.

Net friend, Daniel: pool need to be established, and for others can be purchased from us.

Net friend, Martin: plastic granulator set is included plastic granulating extruder, plastic crusher and plastic cutter machine. We can buy from everywhere.

The pool is very simple, no need drawing. The longer and deeper pool will be better. It will be washed not much cleanly and will be easy to be blocked off filter screen if the pool is too short.

Auto loader machine is not necessary to have, as it is used not well. We still use it by manual. We need crush when the wasted plastic is putting by auto loader machine, this will be not flexible enough. All will be decided by yourself. In a word, auto loader machine is not necessary.

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