Large container plastic blow moulding machinery

Date: 20th Jun, 2017

Types of large blown containers

With the development of polyethylene and special high-efficiency large-scale parison extrusion equipment, through plastic blow moulding machinery can produce 100-3000L volume of large blown containers. Commonly used large-scale plastic containers are large fuel containers, such as the use of multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding technology to produce multi-layer structure of automotive fuel tank, extrusion blow molding of various chemical industry with drums and cans, water treatment tank.

The advantages of large blown containers

Plastic large-scale blow molding containers have the characteristics of the corresponding metal containers do not have, such as dimensional stability, anti-vibration, easy to break, low quality; suitable for storage, easy to highway, rail, sea and air transport; It is not easy to rust, will not contaminate the dressed chemicals; use when the operation is convenient, can be lifting, piling up, rolling;

Large blown container forming equipment– plastic blow moulding machinery

Large-size blow molding containers used in the size and length of paris are relatively large, generally used plastic blow moulding machinery method, the conventional extrusion device and the general head structure are not suitable for the production of the product, must use a special structure of the squeeze Out of the system.

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