Plastic PE PP Agricultural film LDPE plastic film recycling line

Date: 2nd Apr, 2016

Plastic PE PP Agricultural film LDPE plastic film recycling line is used for agricultural film recycling, and be benefit to soil environment protection. Local governments actively promote the development of agricultural plastic recycling industry to achieve sustainable development of society.

Taking washing plant for PP and PE of one ton per hour as an example, some of the equipment parameters are as follows:

  1. plastic Crushing machine (play role of crushing film in plant of Washing line for PE film)
    55KW main power
    1000mm width of crushing room
    80-100mm diameter of screen sieve
    500-550kg / H capacity
    Electrically adjustable, 0.37KW cover open by electrical 0.75kw
    Rotary blades 6pcs
    Fixed blades 4pcs
    Alloy steel SKD11 blade SKD11
  2. Agricultural LDPE recycle washing line sand removing machine
    Main motor power: 90 + 18.5KW
    Spindle speed: 1400RPM
    Bearing Brand: NSK
    Rotary diameter: 980mm, effective working length: 1900MM
  3. PE agricultural film Plastic recycling system floating washer machine
    Dimensions 6X1.8X1.9
    Track wheel motor power: 0.75KW
    Dial number: 5
    Part of the material in contact with the material: stainless steel
    Stainless steel conveyor belt 0.75KW
    Contact material parts are made of stainless steel.

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