PET bottle plastic recycling

Silver Python has a long experience in the field of PET bottle plastic recycling and has installed hundreds of PET bottle recycling lines all over the world. Its clients can therefore benefit from the most performing recycling technology and a recognized know-how, assuring the best quality PET flakes.
Thanks to its long and successful experience in PET recycling, Silver Python offers state-of-the-art recycling technologies, with turn-key installations having the widest range and flexibility in production capacity (from 500 to 6000 Kg/h outputs).
At present, with hundreds of PET bottle recycling lines active all over the world, Silver Python detains big share of the PET recycling market: more than 2 million tons of post-consumer PET bottles are processed yearly by Silver Python Plastic recycling system around the world.
PET fiber production is an application increasingly in demand, particularly in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. To achieve the right quality of PET flakes, colorings and additives must be separated and removed from the post-consumer PET being treated in Plastic recycling system.
Silver Python offers different solutions for the production of any kind of fiber from PET flakes.
PET bottle plastic recycling
Applicant:PET flakes for PET Fiber
PET bottle applicant fiber
PET fibers are used for the realization of clothing and home furnishing. They are employed, for example, in carpets, curtains, wall coverings, sheets, and pillow cases. In addition, their presence is common in objects such as hoses, ropes, and nets. Their use in such a wide variety of applications is due to the fact that they present a strong resistance to chemicals and to mechanical stress. Other advantages of PET fibers make them particularly appealing to everyday life. For instance, PET fibers are extremely resistant to stretching and shrinking, and dry very quickly. This makes their use in clothing very interesting, as they are easily washed. Garments in which PET fibers are used also present the advantage of being wrinkle resistant, making ironing a much easier task. Color preservation is another quality which makes their use very interesting.
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