Plastic cleaning granulation production line

Date: 23th Sep, 2016

This article describes some equipment and parameters of plastic recycling washing plastic granulator, to have better knowing of plastic washing granulating production line, to combat “white pollution” to contribute.

The first part: plastic recycle washing machine.
Roller separation: membrane transport will cut into the drum sieve roll isolated sand bars, sections, at the bottom of a small belt income impartial sediment transport out.
Hit the sand machine: rotational diameter: Φ1000mm;
Carbon stainless steel cylinder thickness: 6mm;
Motor power: 37KW;
Spindle speed: 680rpm;
Dimensions (mm): 4500 × 1500 × 2000;
Screen hole diameter: 30mm;
Mainly off sediment;
Carbon steel;

The second part: plastic granules making machine twin screw extruding machine.
Compacting machine: material contact parts of stainless steel, the other parts is carbon steel with a temperature sensor and cooling system;
Extruder: Gearbox: high torque, low noise, connecting external cooling system;
Screw Material: 38CrMoA1A, nitriding;
Barrel material: 38CrMoAlA, nitriding, air-cooled barrel with temperature sensors;
Changers: duplex hydraulic ring system, non-stop for the network, does not leak material, for network time ≤2 seconds.

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