What are the common type of plastic film?

Date: 29th Jul, 2016

Common type of plastic films are 1. The conventional plastic film has a thin film of polyethylene (PE), 2. Polyvinyl chloride film (PVC), 3. A polystyrene film (PS), 4. Polyester film (PET), 5. Nylon, poly 6. propylene film (PP).

But let us have brief knowledge for PE and PP first which are most common film type.

PE film is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic translucent insulating material, a large number of bags used for packaging; food bags, can also produce a variety of containers. It is an inert material, it is more difficult to print, it must be treated in order to print better results. For this PE film, silver python company uses a horizontal water ring die face cutting plastic granulating machine, easy to operate. Compared with several other relative plastic film, PE film, this is more easily recovered.

PP film is with good gloss and excellent transparency, heat-acid, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, tear, breathable, can not be lower than 160 ℃ when sealing. Silver python company uses a vertical water ring die face cutting plastic granulating line.

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