WPC PVC wood plastic quick integrated wall panels extrusion production line


wpc PVC wood plastic quick integrated wall panels extrusion production line, through the replacement of different specifications of the mold, can produce a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness of wood-plastic decorative wall panels, wood-plastic wall panels, fast wall panels, ecological wall panels. High degree of automation, equipment stability, easy operation, high production efficiency. The production line in strict accordance with the export equipment standard preparation processing, the main components is our own brand processing, electrical original and line to the EU CE demonstration standards, spare parts are used domestic brand products to ensure the production line life and smooth operation.
wpc PVC wood plastic quick integrated wall panels extrusion production line Content.
Vacuum stereotypes system: vacuum stereotypes with a special increase in current cooling system, centralized cooling device design, easy to cool stereotypes to meet the needs of wood-plastic plate production, so that cooling more quickly and thoroughly, easy to operate.
Double track tractor: traction machine using our company’s unique technology, work smoothly, good reliability, traction is more powerful, more stable operation.
Horizontal cutting: horizontal cutting device and plate traction speed to keep pace, the design is reasonable, stable operation, automatic cutting cut, so that the wall is more smooth and no burr.
Cutter Dust Collector: Collect cutting debris to absorb dust, make the working environment cleaner, no residue on the product.

the operation of a single, the overall technical requirements of the production staff is low, supporting mold and extrusion equipment requirements relative to one step method is lower.
Raw material
PVC + wood flour + other additives.

The production line , adjusting the mold ,can also produce wood plastic (PVC) the overall door, wood-plastic wall panels, PVC hollow insulation tile and other sheet extrusion.
Board Features:
PVC wood-plastic wallboard is a lightweight energy-saving composite sheet. With solid, lightweight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, hanging strong, heat insulation, Sound insulation, Fire protection, water protection, Earthquake resistance, easy cutting, can be any slot, dry operation, environmental protection’s advantages, to achieve the saving energy.

model screw motor capacity maximum product width
SMSZ65/132 65mm/132mm 37kw 50-250kgs/hr 600mm
SMSZ80/156 80mm/156mm 55kw 180-360kgs/hr 820mm
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