5 gallon PC pure water bottle plastic blow molding machine

Date: 17th Jun, 2017

5 gallon PC water bottle making needs 5 gallon PC water bottle plastic blow molding machine, including the following molding equipment:
1.raw material drying device. Optional air circulation to hot air
2.extrusion Blow Molding Machine: An extrusion blow molding machine with a cylinder at right angle can be used.

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PC bottle molding process is as follows
PC and PC back to the material — mixed —- dry —– extrusion parison —— parison inflation —— remove the product —- trim —- Post-processing — testing (bad goods, can be used in the broken) — assembly

PC bottle process molding process conditions control points are

1 drying, because the PC is a high hygroscopic resin, it must be dried before the molding process, PC resin drying, must be used within 20 minutes, or to re-drying

2. barrel temperature. PC resin in the extrusion blow molding, the barrel temperature control is very strict. Because the temperature directly affects the strength of the melt, which is a direct impact on the strength of the product.

PC as a plastic bottle of pure water bottle, has the following characteristics

1 highly transparent, high transmittance, non-toxic. Used to hold drinking water, better reflect the purity and clean water.
2 high impact and rigidity, can be directly used for drinking water storage, transportation and use. PC pure water bottle can be reused many times.
3 bottles of molding shrinkage is small, the bottle size is stable, easy to bottle and drinking fountains with and re-use.
4 less absorbent than PET, before the molding of raw materials, although the need to be dry, but the process requirements lower than PET.
5 heat resistance, low temperature resistance, so that the bottle can be used in different temperature environment.

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