SLBK series (CE Proved Plastic Blow Molding Machine)



  1. plastic system: high efficiency and plastic mixing screw, ensure that the plastic is full, uniform.
  2. hydraulic system: Double proportion control, put the frame adopts linear guide rail and mechanical type decompression, run more smoothly, with imported famous brand hydraulic yuan device, stable and reliable.
  3. extrusion system: the frequency variable + toothed surface reducer, stable speed, low noise, durable.
  4. control system: This machine adopts PLC man-machine interface (Chinese or English) control, touch operation screen operation, can process set, change, search, monitoring, fault diagnosis and other functions can be achieved on the touch screen. Convenient operation.
  5. die opening and closing system: arm of the girders, third point, central lock mould mechanism, clamping force equilibrium, no deformation, high precision, less resistance, speed and characteristic.
  6. Its wide applicance in ce proved plastic blow molding machine, plastic containe making machine,plastic tank making machine, 5 gallon making machine, jerry can making machine.


Specifications SLBK-55 SLBK-65
Max container capacity L 2 5
Number of die Set 1,2,3,4,6 1,2,3,4,6
Output(dry Cycle) pc/hr 1000*2 950*2
Machine Dimension(LxWxH) M 3000*2200*2200 3400*2600*2600
Total weight Ton 3.8T 5T
Clamping Unit SLBK-55 SLBK-65
Clamping force KN 40 65
Platen opening stroke MM 120—400 150—450
Platen size(WxH) MM 260*330 300*350
Max mould size(WxH) MM 300*330 400*350
Mold thickness MM 125—220 155—250
Extruder unit SLBK-55 SLBK-65
Screw diameter MM 55 65
Screw L/D ratio L/D 25 25
Melting capacity KG/HR 45 70
Number of heating zone KW 12 15
Extruder heating power Zone 3 3
Extruder driving power KW 7.5(11) 11(15)
Die head SLBK-55 SLBK-65
Number of heating zone KW 2—–5 2—–5
Power of die heating MM 6 6
Center distance of double die MM 120 130
Center distance of tri-die MM 80 80
Center distance of tetra-die MM 60 60
Center distance of six-die MM 60 60
Max die-pin diameter KW 150 260
Power SLBK-55 SLBK-65
Max drive KW 18 26
Total power KW 22 32
Fan power for screw KW 0.42 0.42
Air pressure mpa 0.6 0.6
Air consumption m3/min 0.4 0.5
Average energy consumption KW 13 18.5
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