Commonly used hollow plastic material typical formula use in plastic extrusion blow molding machine

Date: 20th Jun, 2017

Silver python machinery produce plastic extrusion blow molding machine, according to our company more than 10 years of experience and research and development, we provide some commonly used hollow plastic material typical formula

Formula design principles

Plastic formula design principles, should be around the product performance and use requirements and design, both to achieve product performance requirements and use of the target, but also take into account the market prospects, economical and practical.

1 must have a good understanding of the properties of plastic materials and filler ingredients

2 Have sufficient knowledge of the structure, performance and environmental requirements of the designed product

3 familiar with the target product of the production process, molding methods, technical equipment and processing technology

4 in the formula of resin materials, additives, varieties, grades, performance, composition, ratio and effect should be pre-assessment, but also consider whether there will be other problems

5 fully consider the compatibility between the various materials, if the compatibility is poor, need to add the appropriate compatibilizer or in situ reaction compatibility method to improve.

6 taking into account the quality of the resin materials, additives in the formula, the price and the economic benefits of the products.

Material selection principle

Resin material is the main substrate of product design and production. Therefore, the selection of materials is the key to the basic performance and scope of use of the product. The choice of plastic material is a complex work, you can first determine the product structure, molding process and use of the environment, and then carefully consider the selected substrate.

1 fully consider the use of the product conditions, including impact strength, tensile strength, bending strength, electrical insulation, arc resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, transparency and so on.

2 Machinability of plastic materials, including molding process, molding methods, processing costs and waste, processing precision and shape.

3 also consider the source of plastic materials, additives and the amount of product cost accounting.

The principle of selection of additives

Plastic additives are designed to improve the machinability and performance of plastics. The principle of selection of additives is as follows

1 clear the function of additives and the use of conditions, the need for specific products based on the substrate to add the necessary additives to meet the use of the product and environmental requirements.

2 additives must be compatible with the resin substrate in order to make it long-term stable and even exist in the products, and effectively play its function.

3 optional additives to the processing conditions have a good adaptability

4 additives with each other to coordinate, than the use of a single agent to play a large function

5 cheap, it is best inexpensive

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