Foreign waste plastic bottles recycling opportunities

Date: 26th Jul, 2017

China’s plastic products have great potential for development, the growing application of plastic fields, and people’s life-related eating, wearing, living and living are closely related with plastic, has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, it can be said that someone’s place You can see the plastic, plastic products industry is both the source of waste plastics, but also the waste plastics consumer market.

In the 1990s, waste plastic bottles were found everywhere in many places. Later, with the domestic waste plastic bottle recycling technology continues to improve, gave birth to the recovery of plastic bottles of the army, plastic bottles recycling rate greatly improved, and now PET waste plastic bottle recycling rate has been very high, and even between the various industries in order to compete for regeneration Plastic bottles of resources and mutual price increases, the domestic waste plastic bottle resources become increasingly tense. Began to affect the relevant textile, packaging and so on industry.

In fact, we believe that the recycling of waste plastic bottles, the relevant enterprises should not be staring at the domestic. In some developing countries, such as Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., their waste plastic bottle recycling technology is still very low. As a result, the recycling of abandoned plastic bottles in these countries is generally not high, there is a large number of available resources. If you can actively enter these markets, on the one hand is the recovery of plastic bottles to solve the local environmental problems will be government support, on the other hand is to obtain the cost of waste plastic bottles will be relatively low. In these places for the recycling of plastic bottles in terms of comparison is still a chance.

For the transnational plastic bottle recycling, the key issues and then the cost of transport issues, if you can get very good control, I believe that the prospect of unlimited.

Recycling of waste plastics is already a challenge for countries around the world, and the opportunities that exist are also important for enterprises to pay attention to, recycling technology At the same time, the international recycling market is full of unlimited opportunities.

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