Operating plastic blow moulding machinery Safety Precautions

Date: 13rd Jun, 2017

1. Develop a safe operation procedure for a plastic extrusion blow molding machine. The occurrence of blow molding machine equipment or personal injury accident, can not simply blame a person or a group people careless. Management must be prepared to anticipate the operational safety of plastic blow moulding machinery and respond quickly to unsafe conditions. It is more important to develop and revise the safe operating procedures in a timely manner and the safety procedures must be enforced.

2. To prevent personal injury. In order to prevent personal accidental injury, all plastic blow moulding machinery parts of the transmission parts should be installed safety shield; product stripping outlet should have a safety door; plastic blow moulding machinery heating zone should be safe and insulation shield; crusher should prevent steel To prevent the operation of the workers into the machine within the protection device; equipment key parts should be installed emergency brake button, alarm; where the pressure vessel should be carried out on a regular basis hydraulic test.

In plastic blow moulding machinery molding operation, if two or more operations, must be clear division of labor; in the plastic blow moulding machinery or mold handling, should cut off the power supply, gas source, and in the repair office hung “maintenance” logo; large container production , Due to the larger mold cavity volume, in order to prevent the human body into the mold cavity, should be installed safety doors, not closed, the staff can not die from the mold; molding operation, do not in the nose accessories for welding, gas cutting High temperature operation; in the open cold car, the operator can not stand under the nose, to prevent overheating of the melt splash; in the material crushing operation, not cut off the power should not open the cover for maintenance.

3. plastic blow moulding machinery safety protection. The blow molding machine should be fitted with overload protection and safety protection.

The simplest overload protection device is to install safety pins on the drive reel. Once the drive is abnormal, the safety pin is broken and the machine stops the drive.

Fixed temperature start protection device. If the extruder does not meet the set heating temperature, blower extruder can not be started even if the start button is pressed.

Extruder safety explosion – proof device. The device’s explosion-proof diaphragm can withstand a certain range of melt pressure.

Magnetic frame installed in the blower extruder hopper, the use of permanent magnet of magnetic field, to prevent steel and metal debris into the extruder.

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