PET Plastic bottle recycling machine

Date: 2nd March,2016

PET bottle recycling line is also called PET bottle washing line, PET flaked production lines, PET bottle crushing washing line. This equipment is mainly applied to recycle of plastic bottles, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles ,to use again in fiber or textile raw material.

Working principle and characteristics:
This set of washing line is mainly with four steps, like removing labels- crushing – cleaning/washing – drying to obtain a high-quality cleaning recycling bottle flakes for the late re-use.

  1. To remove labels: using machine to remove the PVC labels from PET polyester bottle cleanly. (We need to use washing machine to remove the labels when dealing with compression waste bottles);
  2. To crush: Put PET bottles without label into the hopper by crushing into 12-16mm size.
  3. To wash: First use floating washer to separate the crushed PET bottle flakes and PP bottle caps by the ups and downs of law, then put bottle flakes into high-temperature hot washer to cook by high-temperature. (we can add some caustic soda or cleaning agents on the hot pot, which may be better to remove the oil), then use the high-speed friction washing machine to remove attached impurities and sand of bottles, then through tank to remove residual caustic soda and other impurities to get a very high-purity clean PET bottle flakes.
  4. To dry: use dehydrating machine to dry 97% moisture of the clean bottle. (If need higher requirements, we can use the dryer by hot air to dry more than 99% moisture of the dehydrated PET bottle, and then remove a small amount of residual labels by blower machine.) At that time, the bottle flake has to be high purity, high-quality ,low water content PET polyester bottle piece.

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