Plastic closed 200L plastic vat production equipment- plastic blow moulding machinery

Date: 20th Jun, 2017

Silver python machinery produce SLBC160 plastic blow moulding machinery can be used for the production of large similar containers, the main components

1 screw extruder
2 storage cylinder extrusion head
3 blow mold clamping device
4 wall thickness controller and supporting hydraulic servo system
5 vats blow mold


HDPE barrel can be recycled more than 30 times without damage, coupled with light weight, cleaning will not rust, will not pollute liquid, so the application more and more widely. Large-capacity HDPE drums can be molded by extrusion blow molding.

Process flow

Material handling — Extrusion parison —– parison cutting and clamping —- parison inflation —– cooling stereotypes ——- stripping —– Post-processing —– product testing — finished product storage, storage and transportation

Product testing standards and methods

1 drop test: will be filled with 40 degrees frozen liquid vats from 1.8 meters high vertical fall to the concrete floor should not be damaged
2 load test: the provisions of full load 40 degrees high temperature pallet 3 layer (3 meters high), long-term stacking is not deformed.

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