The use and value of plastic granulator

Date: 20th Dec, 2015

Plastic granulator equipment is related to plastic crusher and plastic cutting machine. The crushed and washed plastic is no need to dry, can be put into plastic granulator directly.

The processing is easy, and technology is advanced and is also suitable for all different wasted plastics. This plastic granulator can be used by both wet and dry. Its dual exhaust, drainage, regulation and non-stopped changing mesh are taking the lead on domestic market. After adding die head, it can product films, plates, tubes, wire, profiles and others. The whole performance is superior to other existing models on domestic.

The electric heating of plastic granulator is by temperature control automatically, which is used less electricity, no pollution, high degree of automation. The full set of plastic pelletizer machine is including host, crushed washing machine, granulator, cleaning tank (can be made), the cooling tank (can be made). The sets of units are perfect matching, can be processing continuous automatically. Due to the special exhaust drainage device, therefore the waste is no longer to dry after washing, and can be pelleted directly which is clean, non-polluting and aging, and also reduce production costs greatly, improve production efficiency. The whole machine has significant characteristics of small size, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high product quality, wide adaptability, which can meet the processing requirements.

It can be used in polyethylene (big films, beverage bottles, lined bags, etc.) or polypropylene (old bags, packing bags, tied belay, etc.) by extrusion, cooling, pelletizing product. The pellets had wide using, is ideal investment project. Plastic granulator is good to protect the ecological environment and play a good role on governance of “white disaster”. And also create considerable economic benefits for u. Silver Python Machinery Company is specialized in plastic machinery equipment production and had high reputation is this field.

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