what are the requirements for doing waste die face cutting plastic recycling machine

Date: 29th Jul, 2017

Waste die face cutting plastic recycling machine are done the following check then the beginning of the empty running test work: control box circuit closing power supply, start the lubricating oil pump, gear box lubrication 3mm, the lubrication parts plus lubricating oil. Check the hopper, there should be no foreign body, and then move a V-belt, should be smooth without blocking the phenomenon. The low-speed start-up screw drives the motor to run. Observe the voltmeter, ammeter pointer swing is normal. Verify that the screw is spinning correctly. Check, test equipment on the emergency stop button, should be accurate and reliable work. Check whether the lubricating oil working pipe is smooth, the fuel injection position is correct, the various parts of the phenomenon of oil spills. Check the cooling water piping water, there should be no leakage. Above normal can be a formal feeding production.

Formal production to do a good job in maintenance and repair work, maintenance and repair is the Waste die face cutting plastic recycling machine are for two different maintenance methods, but only one purpose, that is, hope that the plastic particles to maintain the best functioning of the state to ensure that Waste die face cutting plastic recycling machine are can have the highest the output and the best products, as far as possible to extend the working life of Waste die face cutting plastic recycling machine . Equipment maintenance is a regular work, including: require the operator to strictly follow the operating procedures of Waste die face cutting plastic recycling machine are; operation of production, regular cleaning scrubbing equipment, dust and oil and filling oil work; inspection observation machine The operation of the situation, find the problem in time to please the relevant personnel excluded. This can delay the wear of machine parts and prolong the service life of the machine. Repair of equipment Repair of machine parts due to normal or abnormal causes. It is the purpose of repair by repairing or replacing a part and returning the equipment to normal operation. Pay attention to maintenance and maintenance is the same important work. Maintenance is a protective measure of equipment parts wear and tear, repair replacement parts is to ensure the normal production, equipment to play the original performance of a necessary means. These two work to be a good combination, to prevent the main, take preventive measures. In the machine parts can not work before the damage should be repaired in time to ensure that the machine has a good long-term working condition.

Operation of plastic particles before the preparation of Waste die face cutting plastic recycling machine are to do a good job, clean up the plastic around the environmental sanitation, cleaning plastic particles and ancillary equipment. Conscientiously study the plastic particles machine operating procedures, understanding, familiar with the various parts of the device structure of the functional role, memorize the switch, the button function and usage. Check that the nuts on the equipment are loose and check that the safety guards are secure. Check that the V-belt is tightly installed and properly adjusted. Move the V-belt, the rotation should be more relaxed, the screw rotation without clamping phenomenon. Check the screw rotation direction. Look at the barrel mouth, if the screw thread is right-handed, then the direction of rotation of the screw should be clockwise rotation is correct. Check whether the grounding protection of the equipment and the control box is tightened. Measuring the actual gap between the barrel and the screw assembly, and the measured dimensions of the outer circumference of the screw and the bore of the barrel, and record the record. This size should meet the GB8061-1996 standard. Inventory of special tools and accessories, do the record.

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