What is plastic blow molding process ?

Date: 8th Jun, 2017

1. which several method of plastic blow molding?
There are five kinds of plastic blow molding methods: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, stretch blow molding, multi-layer blow molding and foam blow molding.

2.What is plastic blow molding process? What should we consider when mass production(suggestions from Silver Python Machinery)?
Blow molding process is generally:
Preparation and transport of raw materials – Production of parison – Blowing, forming and cooling of parison – Finishing and quality inspection of products


Once you choose a good molding method, the molding process is basically determined. In addition, the mass production of blow molded products, should also consider the operation of the molding process and should be equipped with auxiliary equipment.
Operation methods are: manual operation, semi-automatic operation, fully automatic operation.
The following issues should be considered when equipped with auxiliary equipment.
1) whether the raw materials are dry, should take technical measures.
2) offcut waste disposal methods, reuse methods and technical requirements.
3) Parison reheating device temperature control
4) Blow molding or injection mold temperature control.
5) Drying of compressed air and selection of pressure.
6) blow molding products after the cooling system
7) blow molding products surface treatment, surface printing method
8) blow molding quality (dimensions, pressure, anti-leakage, resistance to environmental pressure cracking, etc.) inspection methods, methods and tools.
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